If you are an existing customer of Proxus Management you know how we make Property Management "look easy". We focus on all steps of the process...other companies react to today's “hot topic” and ignore the myriad of other issues that your property faces. We drive processes to ensure that we can efficiently monitor and address all issues and opportunities that your property may face. It all starts with processes and organization, mixed with the right technology, and a motivated group of professionals to orchestrate it all.

We are a team of innovative individuals that can suggest different solutions to issues or needs of your property. Our senior staff has over 20 years of experience in the field. We combine that with significant expertise within process re-engineering and system implementation from other progressive industries. We are a unique company that offers our customers value in all aspects of Property Management. Back-office functions are run with some of the most sophisticated tools and systems on the market, completely paperless, creating flexibility, low cost and information sharing that increases accuracy and productivity plus it's good for the environment...we would all rather be sitting under the shade provided by that tree rather than writing on it.


We have created a progressive company culture where each employee can impact and improve our business. All our key processes, policies, forms, job descriptions, and desk procedures are documented and continuously improved through our internal wiki documentation. Any employee can add to, update or improve a process. We have procedures in place where we can revert to previous documentation quickly when a change happens, but rarely do we need to. The empowerment and ownership that this method creates is significant. Having motivated and empowered employees who take positive actions is how we believe we best serve our owners and residents.

As an owner you get access to our main systems, and we will push key information directly to you in a format that is convenient for your business, life and technology choice


With a click of a mouse of the tap of a finger you can read your monthly financial statement, check your daily Dashboard or drill down to the lowest level to see transactional details. Or if you prefer you can let us give you the complete status in update meetings to keep you informed as needed.

We promise that we can improve your property and optimize operations. Transitioning from your current Management Company will be seamless; we have a fully documented Takeover process, organized in a cloud based solution that completely details every task with deadlines and assigned to individuals, nothing will be forgotten. You can even follow the progress on-line step by step as we transition your property to Proxus' Management.

Call us and let’s talk business, we offer a unique "all inclusive" performance based fee structure, that ensure we only get paid as we improve the financial result of the property. We don't "nickel and dime" owners, and are willing to take the risk for certain expenses so the properties don't suffer from negative surprises.